We are committed to the environment. We minimise waste by operating as efficiently as possible, minimising toxic emissions through the wise selection and use of our vehicle fleet and we are increasingly operating hybrid vehicles. We have adopted several policies relating to Fuel Emissions and Air Quality.

We actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers. We are committed to the source, design and promotion of a product range to minimise the environmental impact of production, distribution and disposal. We design our new wheelchair access products with sustainability in mind using fewer wearing components and reducing weight and our aftermarket range is based on application, quality and longevity. Where possible and economically viable we seek to repair and rebuild products to help minimise the production of single use plastics commonly associated with some electrical assemblies.

We closely monitor stock levels and delivery frequency to minimise paperwork and number of consignments attributed to orders. We aim to offer a single source solution for many products in order to reduce deliveries, packaging and associated waste.

PSV will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and will encourage the adoption of similar principles from our suppliers.

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