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PSV Ramps is our wheelchair access division. As part of our aftermarket operation we were service and aftermarket agents for the DSG group (Deans Systems and Peters Door Systems). DSG group were the leading doors and low-floor wheelchair access systems provider in the UK and exported their products around the World. Following the collapse of the company in 2010 PSV purchased the intellectual property. With our extensive knowledge of the Deans and Peters products and with experience of all other ramp types in the market we saw an opportunity to improve on the portfolio of products and started a campaign of new product development whilst continuing to support the existing range in the aftermarket.

Since their introduction in 2010, over 3000 powered ramps have gone into operation in the UK and Ireland both on new buses and as retrofit replacements. For operators outside of London where a powered ramp is often not a requirement our manual ramps are often installed. The latest iteration of the ramp has been specified by operators across the UK and Ireland and has been installed as OE equipment by Wrightbus, Alexander Dennis, Optare and MCV. Our history as an aftermarket parts and service provider has placed us in a unique position of understanding when offering support and backup for our systems.


Over 3000 powered access ramps in operation across the UK and Ireland since 2010 on new buses and as retrofit replacements.


Specified by Operators across the UK and Ireland and installed as OE equipment by builders including Wrightbus, Alexander Dennis, Optare and MCV.


We understand the importance of parts availability and technical support to operators. We aim to  respond quickly and offer full training to operators using our ramps.  


All units supplied with a minimum of 12 months warranty. Extended warranty is often offered by the Vehicle Manufacturer. Our Mobile Auto Electrical team offer servicing and call out support.


We have a dedicated workshop for the repair and refurbishment of powered ramps. In most instances a service exchange ramp can be supplied. Price can then be calculated by complete ramp or cost of repair depending on customer preference.


We supply many ramps for aftermarket applications. Often our ramps are used as a retrofit replacement for other systems. In the aftermarket we supply exchange ramps and spare parts for all common systems.


The original Deans Powered Bookleaf Ramp was fitted as OE equipment in the UK and Ireland. In 2010 at the time of the collapse of DSG the ramp was only being specified in Dublin. Due to the popularity of the ramp, following the acquisition by PSV, Dublin were keen to continue with the product. In the period of time between the DSG collapse and PSV purchasing the intellectual property the laws and regulations regarding wheelchair ramps had changed. With new vehicles due into production the result was a complete redesign and redevelopment of the Deans product in the space of a matter of weeks.


We introduced the fully electric two stage ramp to give operators the same maintenance benefits of our single stage ramp whilst decreasing the ramp operating angle for wheelchair users. With fewer moving parts and no pneumatic properties the ramp is designed with the operator in mind. Following positive feedback the ramp was specified on the second generation of New Bus for London vehicles. Away from the NBFL this has led to many operators specifying the ramp on buses coming into their fleet.


This ramp was developed specifically for use on Optare vehicles that feature a ‘kinked’ floor. The design of the ramp allows both the moving member and the cassette to follow the profile of the floor. Because of the unique floor of some Optare buses the standard PSV product was not compatible. Following a success trial, this ramp was specified on a batch of vehicles purchased by a leading UK operator. The ramp is a good example of the custom operator and bus builder requirements that PSV are able to work with. It is a vehicle specific ramp that may not have a lot of applications but is a good demonstration of the design and production capabilities at PSV.

Complete Aftermarket Solutions

PSV offer everything from new systems and exchange cassettes to complete parts breakdowns for all common ramp types. We understand that ramp failures lead to VOR's and stock all the parts needed to keep vehicles on the road. Our mobile service vehicles stock complete ramps as well as spare parts and our ramps workshop offers reliable, inexpensive options for ramp repairs and routine maintenance.

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