Wheelchair Access

Due to continued growth we have introduced a new standalone website for our OE ramp operations. Please visit psvramps.co.uk for more information.

PSV are Intellectual property holders for DSG Deans and Peters Systems. Significant investment has been made to continue an ongoing program of product development whilst supporting existing Deans and Peters products in the market. We offer a product range consisting of new UK and EU compliant Wheelchair Access Ramps alongside original specification DSG products. This diverse range allows us to support both bus builders and bus operators worldwide.

All of our ramps are manufactured on-site effectively eliminating long lead times commonly associated with alternative systems. Our team of designers and engineers are on hand to develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

We are able to supply replacement components and carry out full service and repairs on existing alternative powered ramps on the market. PSV stock a large amount of completely refurbished ramps in order to be able to supply a service exchange unit in advance of receiving an old ramp.