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3 Degree Manual Ramp 652mm Depth

PSV Aftermarket Manual Ramps are based on the original OE Deans Systems and Peters Door Systems ramp design. The ramp cassette is available in a range of different sizes with fixing points to suit operator requirements. This ramp has been particularly popular with operators and vehicle conversion specialists who need to ensure DDA compliance. DDA standards stipulate that a vehicle must have a wheelchair access ramp. The deadlines are:

1st January 2015 – All buses and coaches up to 7.5 tonnes GVW

1st January 2016 – Single-deck buses over 7.5 tonnes GVW

1st January 2017 – Double-deck buses

1st January 2020 - Coaches

Sizes Available

  • Compak Replacement; Identical size and fixing points to replace Compak CP6 manual ramps
  • Electric Bookleaf Replacement; Wider cassette to convert vehicles with powered ramps to manual
  • Various sizes to replace or convert existing ramps
  • Sizes to suit vehicles that currently have no ramp to ensure DDA compliance
  • Sizes to suit centre door conversions for cascade of ex-London vehicles.

Key Features

  • Manufactured to original Deans specifications with upgrade to handle
  • Robust metal frame and top board
  • Light weight construction
  • Retractable handle
  • Concealed Stainless Steel maintenance free pivot points
  • Posture friendly deployment
  • Safe working load 300Kg

Safety Features

  • Safety Interlock
  • Anti-slip surface
  • High visibility edges

Key Benefits

  • Uses strengths of original Deans OE specified manual ramp
  • Robust metal frame avoids splintering and limits impact damage associated with some composite material products
  • Easy to use, fully retractable handle
  • Reduced risk of back injury with bungee style handle
  • Manufactured on-site with minimal lead