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PSV Two Stage Telescopic Ramp

The PSV Two-Stage Telescopic Ramp is the next generation of the PSV Single Stage Telescopic Ramp. Developed for operators and body builders with a preference for two stage ramps, the ramp can also achieve lower operating angles when deployed.

Key Features

  • Conforms to current UK and EU regulations
  • Cassette style design
  • Two stage
  • Integral floor
  • Multiplex compatible
  • Electric powered
  • Two stages are powered by one electric motor and direct drive lead screws
  • Manual deployment in the event of a power failure
  • Quick change sacrificial front edge
  • Front flap is accessed and removed from the front with no underside fixings
  • Ramp removal from front
  • Uses the same Top Obstruction Detection System (TODS) as the popular single stage Telescopic Ramp
  • Short ramp cassette to allow fitment to Dart chassis
  • Uses the same control box and wiring as single stage Telescopic ramp
  • Front of the ramp is reduced in height by 20mm to enable more clearance in the approach angle when fitted to the front door
  • East Retro-fit
  • Similar weight to single stage Telescopic Ramp
  • Safe working load 300Kg

Safety Features

  • Audible warning
  • Positive sensing leading edge
  • Positive sensing down force
  • Safety interlock

Key Benefits

  • Simple removal of ramp cassette without affecting vehicle floor
  • Electric powered alleviating pneumatic control problems
  • Low power consumption
  • Installation requires no chassis modification
  • Suspended drive to avoid dirt ingress
  • Sacrificial front edge reduces impact damage
  • Ramp extends over 1 metre and will suit 280mm + step height (350mm with 70mm kneel which is the highest permissible)